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Step-by-Step Path To 10X Growth: 

Boost your determination & strategy to succeed, strengthen learning habits, motivation, and realize your full potential

In the age of too much information, making the right choice for the right learning is important. Enable yourself to rediscover how to learn and get that competitive edge for a better career progression and a more fulfilling profession.  

UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL TO LEARN FOR 10X GROWTH Course is that accelerated superpower in your arsenal designed to activate your limitless potential 

Join Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta on a 4 Week journey towards a foolproof strategy for your 10X Growth, unshakeable determination, and superhuman focus.

Are you struggling with growth challenges in your profession? Do you feel that others get favored over your work and your hard work goes unnoticed? Would you like to have a meaningful and fulfilling profession, grow faster, and become a star asset in your organization?  

Most of us believe that only a small percentage of people are blessed with a meaningful career and fast growth. It's not who you know that helps you grow in any career. It's what you know. 

But each one of us is equally capable of building a fruitful career in a profession of our choosing. You just haven’t yet been shown exactly how to switch on this superpower of yours - until today.

Realize what you are capable of learning, what you can learn, why you should learn & how you should learn to achieve 10X growth in your personal and professional lives. 

Because only when you know what & why to learn only then it starts adding value to what you do today. At the same time knowing how to learn puts the learning on the real fast track. Right learning, methods & timing are your best bets. 

On that foundation, you can tune into your true potential and empower your “Real World” in complete harmony on both personal & professional fronts.

Whether you’re a beginner starting off with your career, senior professional, middle management, entrepreneur, or just someone looking to unlock the full power of your mind

You’ll experience life-changing transformation in your career and personal growth as you shatter every inner limitation that has ever dared hold you back.

It’s Time To Unleash Your Learning Superpower

The 'Becoming A Master Learner For 10X Growth' Course guides you through Yukti’s beautifully optimized process for unleashing your power of learning right with focus.

It’s the exact same step-by-step process that she uses to train CXOS, corporate senior executives, managers, and large teams to turbo-charge their careers and help them become world class, high performing assets to the organizations they are part of.

Through a series of tools and techniques rooted in helping you discover how and what to learn, Yukti will quickly help you realize your fullest potential - all through an easy-to-follow methodology that literally anyone can follow and enjoy transformational results with.

People coached by Yukti are amazed at just how profound yet simple the methodology and the steps are and how quickly the learning from the course opens their minds to what is possible, elevates their learning power, and in turn their lives.

Becoming A Master Learner For 10X Growth Curriculum

4 Weeks Program

Learning for 10x Growth is a 4-weeks program that guides you through Yukti’s Signature 3 Step Formula to accelerate your performance and potential.

Having upped the professional lives of many corporate executives, managers, women returning to work, and people from different walks of life, individuals, experiential training to Corporates and Entrepreneurs, and Finishing courses to academic Institutions, Yukti is here to help you elevate your performance levels and be your best.

When you enroll for the course, you will join Yukti in 21 Video lessons that share the exact steps that you can take, step by step, and replicate that strategy to hack 10x growth.

All that you need is an open mind and dive right in and by the end of it, you will surely have a clear way forward on your respective personal or professional paths.

The first part of your journey in Becoming A Master Learner For 10X Growth is to first understand why it’s very difficult to pin down what to learn and what not to learn. There is a vast ocean of information around and professionals and entrepreneurs at any stage of the career struggle with these confusing thoughts. A point comes when you start feeling as if the whole world is racing ahead and you are stuck. This is the time when they should re-engineer yourself

And Rediscover:

  • The ‘Why’ of Learning: Knowing the why of learning brings in the clarity for you to decide why are you investing your resources, your time, your effort and your money in learning.

  • The ‘What’ of Learning: The what of learning will help you to understand how to filter the information from the vast ocean of data that chokes us.

  • The ‘How’ of Learning: Get introduced to some of the tools and techniques that you can use practically anywhere, anytime and at any age that can come in handy for you to implement those learnings into your chosen field.

Next, you’ll explore the importance of mapping your learning maturity to identify the skills that can help you grow 10X. By asking the right questions, you’ll discover how to find your true strengths and weaknesses and how others identify these in you. This is that point where you truly understand what is holding your back and preventing you from further growth


  • Are you asking the right questions? Use this step-by-step guide to cut through distractions, and ask the right questions that lead you to discover your innate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Every aspect of your inner self that may be holding you back from your 10X growth.

  • How to find the right guidance from your peers, stakeholders and Seniors: Guidance to receive priceless insights and feedback from various stakeholders about your innate strengths, and weaknesses. Bring in that awareness about what you are lacking.

  • How to find joy in your role and succeed in: The field that you are in might not be your favorite subject and that's all right. That does not mean that you cannot flourish in your career. Discover what it takes to develop the right mindset that’s naturally and effortlessly oriented towards positive growth

  • Using the proven formula to identifying your learning stages: Discover how to identify which stage of mastering a subject are you at and which ones you need to work on. A time tested formula used by top leaders and executives for identifying their learning needs.

This week we break into the how of learning where you discover how to identify what you don't know yet but need and move from being a novice to an expert in the domain.


  • Understanding the stages of ‘how much’ you know and need to learn: Once you understand this matrix, you will be able to surround yourself with abundance. Even if you are just beginning your career, are in middle management or a senior executive. Wherever you are in your corporate journey, understanding how and much to learn will be your true guidance.

  • Insights into MET: An acronym for Money, Effort & Time - these three resources when available to us how they can gear up learning real fast.

  • How to break the taboos around Money: While money is just another resource and as we enjoy earning money we should also be able to enjoy learning and spending that money for our learning. So, how to come out of our misconceptions about abundance. This section briefly highlights that course of action.

  • Secret Mantra To Sharpen Your Focus: How to bring in more focus in your life, and sharpen that focus for better learning with that secret mantra. Plus how to get in to that flow state with 100% focus and no distractions.

In the final part of the program, you’ll harness your new visionary mindset and understand how to plan the effort that you need to get to the next level.


  • Visualize the next level and the possibilities: Understand what it means to actually get that next level, not just in terms of designation but also in terms of responsibilities.

  • Understanding the difference between being inspired, inspiring and influenced: How not to lose your identity and be the best version of yourself and the most authentic version of yourself and still imbibe the best qualities of the ‘right’ role models.

  • Widening the Canvas: It means that you have already mastered your domain, your field. Now is the time to learn about other domains, other subjects. Not necessarily other businesses but other topics out of your interest. Something you’ve never invested your time in. Yukti shows you how to get going.

  • Which questions to answer to build solid learning practices: Discover the right questions that you must ask yourself that stop you from going in the wrong direction and move you towards growth.

About Yukti Kapoor Mehandirata

Founder SBY Academy,  Instructor - Mastery Learning for 10x Growth

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is an Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs. India (Runner up).

She is an expert Leadership & Etiquette coach to high performing CXOs, large Corporations, fast growing managers and individuals and star entrepreneurs.

Having worked as a senior leader with MNCs like Citi and Barclays for over a decade gives Yukti an overall perspective of the undebatable power of practiced people skills, leading to improved performance levels.

She now shares her knowledge and teachings on stage, in the media, and in private coaching sessions with noted corporate leaders and seniors. This Purple Coach Course is her way of empowering even more professionals around the world.

Yukti’s Credentials
  •  Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs. India (Runner up)
  •  Leadership & Etiquette coach 
  •  Awarded the National Woman Excellence Award 2018 by the Indo-European Chamber of SME
  •  Recognized as one of the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs 2020, by CEO Insights. 
  •  Mentor for many incubators supported by IIM Lucknow, BITS Mesra, IIIT Allahabad and other institutes. 
  •  Also an advisor and an honorary member of the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan under the Ministry of Youth
         Affairs and Sports that works towards the social development of youth. 
  •  A Reiki Master and leverages her practice of energy transformation as a healing and learning technique for our

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A holistic, comprehensive single-point learning process for you & your business.

The Learning You Will Experience

  • Framework to achieve Mastery in your domain & expertise, in the shortest amount of time

  • Faster & well-researched learning strategies and techniques from Yukti’s 16+ years of corporate experience

  • To discover & opt for the right learning to be successful without wasting time & money

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Limited Period Offer - 60% Off

INR 4999/- INR 1999/-

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Unleash Your Potential To Learn For 10X Growth
  • Introduction to Unleash Your Potential To Learn For 10X Growth
  • How to find your Ikigai
  • Understanding what money really is?
  • Introduction To Types of learning
  • What is your Ikigai?
Types Of Learning
  • Self Learning
  • Subject Matter Learning
  • Identifying your ‘How’
  • Learning Maturity Model
  • Three Essential Resources of Learning
How To Learn For 10X Growth
  • How to plan the ‘Effort’
  • How to plan your Learning Budget
  • Secret Mantra To Sharpen Your Focus
  • Knowing the ‘How’ for Freshers or Starters
  • The ‘How’ for Middle Management
Discovering Opportunities, Role Models & Building Blocks To 10X Growth
  • Know your Opportunities
  • Know your Role Models
  • Building Block 1: ‘How’ for Senior Management
  • Building Block 2 - Concrete Learning Practices
  • Building Block 3 - Walk The Talk
  • Articulate Your Why



Senior Executives

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Limited Period Offer - 60% Off

INR 4999/- INR 1999/-

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