Discover the Signature 4 Step Formula to build a profitable online coaching business and how to earn your dream income each month selling online courses from your own website in just 3 weeks.

Even if you are completely new to online courses, don't have any technical skills and without hiring any team!

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To the coach, trainer and expert dreaming of being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine:

Deep inside of you, there’s a dream. A dream to build your own Million Dollar business

One that is based on your expertise, your skills and your passion to share your knowledge with others. A dream to transform the lives of thousands and help them learn a new skill that can completely change their lives.

Today, this dream can easily become a reality. Much faster than you think.

Even if you’re stuck thinking ‘I want to start but I don't know what to do next’ or thinking ‘But I don't know anything about online businesses, building a website, sales or marketing’.

Kinner N Sacchdev wants to help you find that unique skill that you are best at, guide you to take the plunge, and learn how to build your very own profitable online coaching business. A serial entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Knorish, Kinner is a digital business creation expert who has helped more than 40,000 coaches, trainers, tutors, consultants, and experts to take their expertise online, launch their online coaching businesses, and become successful at it.

And in this course, you get to access the same formula used by those thousands of course creators to start, launch & succeed in the online coaching business.

Go from zero learners - or wherever you’re now at - to thousands of paying learners in no time!

So Even If You Are Completely New To Online Courses

You can start building your online coaching business without any technical skills or hiring any team!

Learn how to build a super-profitable online course and coach from your own website. A deep-dive course for all coaches, trainers, tutors, artists, painters, hobbyists, and experts who want to excel at sharing their knowledge online and make their dream incomes. 

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Start & Succeed In Your Online Coaching Business Explore The 3 Weeks Curriculum

Start & succeed in your online coaching business is a 3 weeks program that guides you through Kinner’s Signature 4 Step Formula.

This tried and tested formula is based on hundreds of hours of research on how some of the most noted online coaches around the world create their courses and sell them profitably.

When you register for the course, you will join Kinner in 15 Video lessons that share the exact steps that you can take, step by step, and replicate that strategy to build your academy.

By the end of your journey, you’ll have all the steps, strategies, and inspiration you need to launch and grow your online coaching business.

Your journey begins with a key question: how do you build a profitable online coaching business? Here Kinner will draw on his vast experience to help you develop a crystal-clear roadmap to get 10X faster execution of your vision to building a profitable coaching business.


  • Introduction To The 4 Step Online Coaching Business Success Formula:  Even before you think about spending money, time, or efforts in building your online business, you must implement these 4 strategies into your game plan. Save thousands of dollars and hours and most importantly, avoid the most common mistakes that creators make when they start their journey. 

  • The key to finding your Unique and Profitable NICHE: So instead of wrestling with competitors and thousands of courses, follow the insights to create your own unique niche and automatically become the go-to leader in the domain.

  • How to deeply understand your audience: Discover the steps you can take to deeply understand your potential customers who are actually willing to pay to learn the right skills.

  • How to build your website without any coding, hiring any team of developers: Follow the insights to learn how to build a stunning mobile responsive website complete with multiple pages, landing pages, and more. All within a few days and in just a few clicks.

  • Discover how to create high quality videos without breaking the bank: You don't need a hollywood style budget to create videos for your courses. Learn how top creators are quickly creating amazing videos for their courses from home, across budgets and with top notch video quality.

  • Bonus: Plus discover the difference between website pages and landing pages, how these landing pages grab people on the internet by the neck, bring them to your site, hook them to your promise of impact and convince them to become paying customers by taking out their cards and buy your courses, products and services. 

Once you’ve honed into a unique and profitable niche and your target audience, it’s time to start creating the course content. In these video lessons, we share with you the step-by-step process of how to get started with great course content.


  • Getting started with a course outline: Whether it be live online sessions, webinars, or recorded video lessons, here’s how you create a content map that helps you plan all the content that you would need for your course for that perfect course launch without any hiccups

  • How to get the written content created fast: Save your time, money, and sanity with this video lesson and discover the different hacks and tools that you can use to quickly get your course content created.

  • The power of video in courses: The why, what and how of creating amazing videos that amplify your message and impact and get students hooked to your courses without breaking the bank!

  • Bonus: How to get comfortable on camera and create better videos. Based on Kinner’s years of experience in speaking in front of the camera, this video lesson will share the most important aspects of presenting on camera and the preparation before that.

How do you know that the course content you have created is actually what your customers want? Plus how do you get more people to learn about your brand, business, and courses? Instead, use this ingenious strategy to create a lot of buzz around your brand new course and in fact get people to pay you to create your course content, and find out from those customers which content will work or not.


  • The Secret Sauce Behind Getting Paid To Launch Your Courses: Explore the steps that you can take to test the market, and discover your potential customers who will pay to tell you what content they want. Magnify your capacity for growth, revenue, and impact with this best strategy for course launches

  • How to spread the word about your courses: Find great ways to reach out to more people and get the word out about your courses. Discover the steps that you can take to organically reach out to more people and create the buzz around the brand

  • Setting the best price for your course:What should be the right price for your course? Set it too low, you run into losses, set it too high, it may not sell well. So what is that sweet spot that people would love to take out their wallets and buy from you again and again?

  • The ultimate secret of Million Dollar online coaching businesses: Discover the ultimate sales and marketing tactics that the most noted and successful coaches around the world use to build, launch and grow a profitable online coaching business.

  • How to target the larger audience on the Internet and drive the right audience to your website:The internet is flooded with people who are killing time or just simply surfing. Here’s how to drive the right audience, get them interested and hooked to what your business is selling.

  • How to go from ZERO to THOUSANDS of paying customers in no time: Discover how to convert strangers into clients on autopilot and get as many customers for your courses as your business can possibly handle. 24 7, even while you sleep.

Start your journey to building a life of freedom, with the master blueprint to building your own online coaching business

Limited Period Offer - 20% Off

INR 24,999/-  INR 19,999/- | $249

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About Kinner N Sacchdev,

Creator Of Start & Succeed In Your Online Coaching Business

Kinner N Sacchdev is a high-impact, out-of-the-box thinker and a digital business creation expert known for enabling coaches, trainers, and experts to go online and launch their online coaching businesses.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Knorish which is disrupting how people share their knowledge and learn online.

Kinner’s startup Knorish today empowers more than 30000 coaches, trainers, and businesses who are now earning their dream incomes using the easy-to-use platform to launch their academies. This includes industry stalwarts such as Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor, noted singer Shekhar Ravjiani, Wellness & healing Guru Micky Mehta to name a few.

He has also led several product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Kinner has also helped set up education brands from Europe, UK, the US and the Middle East in his previous startups.

Through his debut Purple Coach course, Kinner’s goal is to uplift coaches, trainers and experts of all levels with the realization that with the right steps and guidance, anyone can envision a revolutionary online academy that has the power to impact the lives of millions around the world. All it takes is taking the first step forward

Kinner’s Credentials
  •  Co-founder and CEO - Knorish
  •  Winner of Business World Young Entrepreneur 2020 Award (35 under 35)
  •  Winner of Microsoft Bizspark+ Award
  •  Raised $1.1 million in funding for his online business

Why sign up for the course?

Coaches, trainers, teachers, tutors, and experts are great at teaching but they struggle with creating and selling online courses. There are several steps involved and it's difficult to understand where to start.

Based on the learning of enabling more than 30000 academies, this course is the ultimate step by step guide to getting started and building a profitable online course business. 

Exclusive training videos

In Depth course

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Life changing transformation

  • Discover how to find a super profitable niche in your domain that will help you completely differentiate yourself from your competition.

  • Discover how to build and launch your website without hiring any developers, or coders and without learning any technical skills.

  • Find out how to build content, create videos and the tools needed to do it on any budget.

  • Get deep insights into key strategies for marketing your courses online profitably

  • Access top sales strategies used by the most successful coaches to quickly grow their business and earn their dream incomes each month

  • Plus get learn with live examples of how everyday coaches are using the same strategies to build, launch and grow their online coaching businesses selling online courses

Limited Period Offer - 20% Off

INR 24,999/-  INR 19,999/- | $249

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Who is this course for?

  • Coaches, teachers, experts & professionals

  • Writers, researchers, authors, & speakers

  • Artists, painters, & hobbyists

  • Influencers, YouTubers, & Content Creators

Literally, anyone who wants to learn how to take their expertise online and earn their dream income without any office, hiring any teams and with minimum budgets

Limited Period Offer

INR 24,999/-  INR 19,999/- | $249

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Amlan B.

Board Member I Global Operations Director I Mega Project Fund Specialist | Published Author

Kinner is a very bright, entrepreneurial tech-wizard. He has extraordinary capabilities in ideation, incubation and I have personally seen some of his works. He has very good presentation skills more so, in design of web-based as well as simulated programmes. Above all other things, he is very down to earth. I wish him the very best in whatever he is trying to achieve. I have a very strong belief, that he will emerge a very important figure on the Indian corporate scene, in the near future!

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A holistic, comprehensive single-point learning process for you & your business.

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