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Traditional education does not give you the knowledge that will empower success in your career, business and personal life. We strive to teach you subjects that unleash your true potential from teachers who have succeeded on the journey of Growth, Transformation and Success.

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Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals around the world are lifelong learners, striving to improve constantly by reading books, attending workshops or online courses. Purple coach strives to bring you such knowledge through carefully curated programs in the category of human transformation.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Purple Purple Coach is the ultimate online learning platform designed specifically to help you learn the skills that modern education systems have failed to teach so far. All courses available on the platform are carefully designed to help you master new age skills and unleash your true potential with mentors teachers who have succeeded in their journey of Growth, Transformation and Success.

  • Choose a course you like. Click the ‘Enroll Now’ button and you’ll be taken to a Secure Page for sign up and registration. Complete the payment for the course using any payment method of your choice.  Once completed, you can immediately start viewing the course content.

  • Each course covers video lectures and has several additional learning contents without being too stretched & boring. The major course contents have been structured into multiple modules with an appropriate set of video lessons downloadable pdfs, assignments and demos, where applicable.

  • At present, three courses are up and running. More courses are coming soon.

  • You can watch your video lessons anytime, anywhere, any number of times you like once you purchase a course. You can download notes, solve the assigned worksheets. Absorb the learning at your own pace and speed.

  • It’s never too late or early to learn! Every course is mapped to give you proficiency in your respective domains.

  • Purple Coach community is in diversifying stages and welcomes all & everyone willing to learn or share their subject expertise.


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