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Unlock the Secrets of Bollywood Glamour: Master Fashion Design with Industry Leaders

From understanding color theory and fabric selection to mastering garment construction and creating show-stopping designs. Elevate your design skills, create stunning ensembles, and step into the spotlight with confidence. 

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Do You Know?

The fashion industry in India is a thriving market with immense opportunities

The market size of the Indian fashion industry was estimated to be around USD$ 150 billion

It is projected to continue growing at a steady pace, reaching USD$ 223 billion by 2025

What can you achieve after completing this course ?

Become a Top Fashion Designer

Work as a professional fashion designer for renowned fashion houses, high-end brands or even celebrities

Step into the Glamorous World of Bollywood Fashion Designing and Make Your Mark!

Become a Fashion Entrepreneur

Turn your passion for style into a thriving business. Curate stunning outfits, make an impact, and build a brand that sets fashion trends.

Launch Your Own Fashion Label

Make waves in the industry. Showcase your unique designs, build a loyal following, and become the go-to brand for fashion-forward individuals.

Become a Fashion Designer/Stylist

Use your expertise to create stunning outfits. Be the sought-after choice for individuals, events, and media, making impactful fashion statements.

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What exactly do you learn in this course ?

Design Principles - Gain a solid understanding of the fundamental design principles that form the backbone of successful fashion creations

Fabric Selection and Textiles - Learn how to choose the right fabrics and textiles for different garments, considering factors such as drape, texture, and functionality

Pattern Making - Acquire the knowledge and techniques for creating patterns, ensuring proper fit and proportion in your designs

Garment Construction - Master the art of garment construction, including cutting, stitching, and finishing techniques to bring your designs to fruition

Fashion Styling - Understand the principles of fashion styling, including color theory, accessorizing and creating cohesive looks that make a statement

Industry Insights and Professionalism - Gain valuable insights into the fashion industry, its current trends and the importance of professionalism and ethics in the field

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Who is this course for ?

  • Aspiring Fashion Designers
  • Fashion Enthusiasts
  • Fashion Entrepreneurs
  • Fashion Designers/Stylists and Fashion Consultants
  • Creatives Exploring a New Avenue
  • Fashion Enthusiasts Transitioning Careers
  • Image Consultants
  • Theatre & Contemporary Art Professionals

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Things Covered in this Ebook 

  • Inside Secrets of Celebrity Styling
  • Dressing for Body Types
  • Mixing High and Low End Fashion
  • Effortless Street Style

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Meet Your Coaches

Rushi & Manoshi

Rushi Sharma and Manoshi Nath are award winning costume designers who have been working in the Indian film industry for two decades. They have designed characters and costumes for films like Queen, PK, Thugs of Hindostan, Shamshera, Jayesh Bhai Jordaar , Sherni, and many more.

They believe costumes add essential information to the moment of a scene in a story to help achieve the visual and narrative goal of the film maker. Their signature style is a mix of in depth research and attention to detail, their passion and love for films helps them create an authentic world of characters for their films.

Having worked with actors like Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee, Kareena Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranvir Singh, Kangana Ranaut, Anushka Sharma. These actors have appreciated them for making their job easier, their costumes give the actors the confidence and the comfort to be in the skin of the character.

Rushi and Manoshi have also embraced sustainability in costume design, they work tirelessly towards making costume design circular, by creating an ecosystem of their supply chain along with recycling and up-cycling to divert textiles away from the landfill.

R&M as they’re lovingly called by their team and their students, whom they love to share their knowledge of costume design and ethical design with. Sharing their knowledge with passionate designers has always been a part of the bigger plan and a way to give back to this beautiful industry called Bollywood.

Yes, I want to learn Fashion Designing

FREE Bonus Worth Rs.XXX, If You Enroll Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The course instructors are top Bollywood fashion designers, Rushi and Manoshi.

The course subscription is valid for 365 days.

A: Design principles, fabric selection, pattern making, garment construction, fashion styling, and industry insights will be covered.

A: Aspiring fashion designers, fashion enthusiasts, fashion entrepreneurs, stylists, fashion consultants, and those exploring new avenues or transitioning careers in fashion are the target audience.

A: On enrolling now, you will receive a 67% discount and a free "Celebrities Fashion Styling Hacks Ebook" worth Rs. XXXX