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"Unlock Your True Potential with 'Make a Life and Make a Living' course. Discover how to align your passions, values, and skills for a fulfilling career and life."

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Does this sound like you?

Tired of feeling unfulfilled, stressed, or anxious about your career or business?

Struggling to find opportunities that align with your passions and values 

That you’re living a life based on someone else’s idea of how your life should be lived?

Or that your life lacks direction and situations are not improving as quickly as you'd like

Watching others get ahead in life even though you started at the same time

Limited Period Offer - 20% Off

24999/-   ₹ 19,999/- | $249

Yes, I Want To Make My Life

You Have A Duty To Yourself  To Live Your Best Life

Ever wondered, what it takes to find what you love and align your life and a living using that passion and skills? Gurcharan Das didn’t set out to become the first Indian CEO of Proctor & Gamble {India}. Neither had he ever imagined that he would take an early retirement as the Managing Director of a global Fortune 500 conglomerate to follow his passion for writing. Today, he is sharing his transformational approach on how you can alter your life’s path, realign it with your passions and skills and live a life that you are proud of.

Plus you'll also learn in this course:

The unbelievable but real-life story of how a humble security guard rose the ranks to become a high-ranked director in Proctor Gamble

Plus, understand 3 key reasons why you could be struggling with how your life is currently & what to do about it

6 qualities that you need to build right now to succeed in your life

Uncover the story of a 2000-year-old Indian startup & how the entrepreneur discovered & capitalized on new opportunities from his daily life to become a massive success

The ancient ‘four goals’ of life that you must align your life with for the maximum success

How to uncover new opportunities while dealing with ‘unforeseen’ challenges of life

Limited Period Offer - 20% Off

24999/-   ₹ 19,999/- | $249

Yes, I Want To Make My Life

Meet Your Coach

Gurcharan Das

Former CEO of Procter and Gamble India

Former Managing Director of Procter and Gamble, Worldwide (Strategic Planning)

Author of several best-selling books on Indian culture, politics, and economics, including "India Unbound," "The Difficulty of Being Good," and "The Elephant Paradigm"

A regular contributor to various media outlets, including The Times of India, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times

Speaker to some of the world's largest corporations

Presently editing for Penguin The Story of Indian Business in 15 volumes

Awarded multiple awards and recognitions for his literary works including Writer of The Year and Harvard University’s highest honor for high attainments in liberal scholarship

Who will benefit from this course?

Professionals, entrepreneurs and experts who want to create a fulfilling career and life

Young adults who want to find their ‘right path to success’ while doing what they love

People who are struggling to find work that aligns with their passions and values

Anyone who feels like their life lacks direction or purpose

Limited Period Offer - 20% Off

24999/-   ₹ 19,999/- | $249

Yes, I Want To Make My Life